Thursday, August 9, 2012

northsulawesi tour guide jotje lala guided party lemmens from holand 8-10 agustust 2012.

tour organized by and under guide by

north sulawesi tour  with tomohon flower festival,minahasa tour
mr lemmens in tondadolake
tondano lake
mesye school in tomohon
and mahawu and tangkoko tour
family lemmens in tomohon international flower festival
family lemmens in nice panorama of rice field and lokon volcano
family lemmens in tradional minahasa  house industry in woloan village
family lemmens in tomohon market
guide jotje lala in linow lake
family lemmens in linow lake
guide jotje lala with family lemmens in the hut near linow lake
potary village pulutan
minahasa dance maengket
family lemmens in cullanary contest place invited by tomohon city mayor for to tarty the food.
family lemmens wacthing the maengket dance
exebition tomohon international flower festival

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